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    Short Story 1

    The School Drama by: VERONIKA Alright, guys. Lets do our silent reading for 15 minutes, as usual. Pff, suara cempreng guru bahasa Inggris itu menggelitik kupingku. Silent reading, membaca novel berbahasa Inggris selama 15 menit tanpa mengeluarkan suara, benar-benar kegiatan yang gak masuk ke otakku. Apalagi bukunya tebal banget, dengan font sekecil semut. Ah, lebih baik nginjek semut daripada memelototi semut di buku kayak gini. Mana bahasanya susah dimengerti, lagi. Astaga, timer nya lambat banget sih, rasanya sudah seperti bertahun-tahun baca, eh masih saja cuma 5 menit. Aku menoleh ke samping kanan kiriku, siapa tau ada yang mau diajak ngobrol bisik-bisik, Ssst… Ssst… You know? Joe, stay focus on your novel! Waduh, ketahuan deh. Di sudut ruangan, Miss Selena sudah mendel
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    Is Teaching My Destiny? Part 4

    The Transition I once wanted to be an architect, or at least a designer. Therefore, after I graduated from SMU N 2 Yogyakarta, I just tried to enroll UGM for architecture. But my father told me not. Was architecture promising the future? well, I did not know the answer. So I just enrolled “Dentistry” and “Statistic”. But firstly I had only little hope. I was tottally failed. I wondered what should I enroll, again. I remembered my high school mates, Daru Dita and Monika Minuk, they were going to enter Sanata Dharma University for English Deparment. Well, why not? My English was not too bad.
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    Is Teaching My Destiny? Part 3

    Senior High Almost the same, my English subject was my favorite in SMA 2 Yogyakarta. Well, that was because I just could understand English & Math (ugh) since I was one of the laziest students, ever, (I never studied, it made me dizzy). But I still remember, my first score for English in grade 1 was only 66 in Pak _______’s class (I cannot remember his name). Another teacher, Pak Heru, gave a task of story telling in grade 2 which I did very well (Love it Much!). In grade 3 IPA 2, Ibu Tri gave us many grammar lessons, which truly, honestly, I hardly understood it (my goodness). However, English was still my favorite.
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    Is teaching my destiny? Part 2

    Junior High Well, since English was taught after I entered Junior High, I was very confident and ready at that time. Moreover, I was one of the students who were capable in English (Oops) (read: Lia and Bella maybe mastered more). That’s when I was in SMP Pangudi Luhur Kaliduren, Yogyakarta. Thanks to Pak Marno, my English teacher. And also Mas Kentok, who did micro-teaching in my class.
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    Is Teaching My Destiny? Part 1

    The Beginning I’ve been interested in learning English since I was in grade 4 Elementary school. My father, who is also a teacher for an Elementary School, gave me some English story book (full pictures, but I could not understand the meaning, I remember when I tried to translate “I want” as “saya satu”). He also gave me a chance to join a private English course. My friends, Septi and Galih, joined it together. We studied in Galih’s house. I experienced a fun English learning since the teacher (I forget his name, what I remember is just that he’s Galih father’s ex-student) let us learn English using songs and games (which I totally forget the kinds of game and song). However, it worked to me!! to be continued…
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    Round the World in 80 Days

    …. Well, that’s just a title of a novel I have to read aloud (but I have read it OUT LOUD) (LOL) to my English class… At first, I felt that my students would just ignore it and do not pay attention to it.. But, so far, they begin to love this book.. Say, one of the character is truly unique, named Passepartout.. Usually, while I am reading, I act what Passepartout does in the story, like: getting drunk, making funny face, jumping, fighting, etc.. My goodness, if there’s a camera in my class, I’d better hide in the earth core.. But I’m just wondering what my students think about me: expressive? crazy? insane? uncontrolled? well, let’s see til the end of the chapter..
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